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Cyber Security Base with F‑Secure
25-10-2016, 15:00
Cyber Security Base with F‑Secure
Var nu ikke helt sikker på hvor den hørte bedst hjemme, så det blev denne sektion.
Det er et nyt og gratis online kursus fra F-Secure og University of Helsinki.
Citer:Contents of the course series
The course series consists of multiple smaller courses, each centered around a specific theme. These themes include
  1. a brief introduction to cyber security and operational security,
  2. web software development, types of vulnerabilities that are typical to web software, how such vulnerabilities are discovered and then mitigated, and
  3. advanced topics such as secure software architectures and cryptography.
There will be a few case studies as well as projects that participants can work on. At the end of the course series, we’ll also organize a friendly competition where participants get to find and fix vulnerabilities within a limited time-frame.
Click the link below to view the course serie’s web page and to start your journey into becoming a cyber security expert!
Work load and prerequisites
There will be programming assignments, essays, quizzes and puzzles throughout the courses, and completing a specific part of a course means working and completing most if not all of them. We expect that individuals work some 2-10 hours per week on the courses depending on their background. Some programming background and ICT experience will be very beneficial.
ECTS credits for Finnish residents
If you reside in Finland, you can get a total of 10 ECTS credits for the course from the Open University of University of Helsinki. Your own school, college or university has the option of accepting these as a part of your studies – you have to, however, ask your local administration whether they will do so. We are looking into the possibility of offering certificates for completion of the course series to all participants as well.
We will start on 25th of October, 2016. A link to the stream / recording of the event (event starting 10AM GMT+3):

Link med info:

Link til materialet:

Link til den officielle introduktionsvideo, streamet for 7 timer siden:

Kurset kommer til at strække sig nogle måneder ind i 2017, så det kan ikke binges(endnu).
(23-10-2015, 21:59)bestworks Skrev: Hope you are best customer and we can to work a long time business
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